Need a new roof or just roof repairs? At Shields Installations Ltd we offer a wide range of roofing services which are always completed to a very high standard. We always use top quality materials to ensure an excellent finish, at very competitive rates

We offer the following services:-

  • Roof Repairs
  • New Roof Installation
  • Pitched Roofs – Tile & Slate
  • Garage roofing
  • Roofing protection
  • Flat Roofing – Torch On, Rubber & Fibre Glass


As we are experts in installing new roofs, we take pride in ensuring that we install a roof that will last the test of time and will look every bit picturesque so as to promote the look of the project.

With various options to choose from, there is a look for every building.

We can also reinstall the existing tiles back on to the roof with new felt, batten, cement and lead etc. should the client wish to keep the same look for their roof.

There are a huge range of tiles and slates that can be used for projects. Below are just some of the most commonly used, however one of our team would be more than happy to discuss the exact type of look that you want and give some free advice and suggestions.


For a look that reflects the traditional look of a roof, this is the way forward. These slates have been around for years and stand the test of time. We have carried out works to many projects with these slates and are proud to be a part of a project that will last for many years to come. These slates provide a rough edge to give the impression of a hand made look which compliments houses built prior 1950’s.

Here are some examples of natural slate works;


For a more modern look of slate, which the majority of roofs have now, you can turn to cement fiber slate roofs. Being made of cement fiber, means that they are much more cost effective and cheaper . Many of our large projects consist of these slates especially on new build projects.

Here are some examples;


Using certain types of these tiles, we can create a modern look effect for newer builds or alternatively the classic look of heritage tiles with a dated look that compliments older buildings. There are many types of tiles ranging from flat to profile and interlocking to plain tiles. Our surveyors and estimators will be more than happy to assist you in choosing the correct type of profile tile for the project at hand.

Here are just some examples of concrete and clay tiles;


Leaking roofs cause property damage and damp problems costing you money and damages to both the outside and inside of your home. As roof timbers rot and decay they not only cause damage but it can also be dangerous to you, your home and the public. Avoid the extra expense and deal with the problem earlier rather than later as it will stop the damp from spreading throughout walls, ceiling and joists, roof membranes causing damage internally to wall paper, plaster and ceilings.

We provide a complete maintenance and repair service to protect you and your property, so don’t delay, give us a call.

We also offer complete roofing and guttering, cleaning and sealing services. If you are buying a new property, why not give us a call; we can save you pounds by providing you with a full report on the state of the roof. It will save you time and money and avoid any nasty surprises.

New Roof Installation

It may be worth considering a new roof, if patch repairs are regularly necessary and it is showing signs of ageing around the edges of tiled roofs. Over time your roof edges can be prone to gaps and this could also cause leakage. If you know that your roof needs replacing or needs to be re-covered and would like the honest opinion of an expert on the condition of your roof, look no further than Shields Installations Ltd. We are happy to provide expert advice and detailed analysis of the problem and confirm whether it is best to replace with a new roof or repair the existing roof.

Quotations are free and without obligation. We are highly experienced with many years of experience so you can rest assured that you will receive advice from experts in the field.

Shields Installations Ltd provide guaranteed, top quality workmanship, and undertake major roof repairs or can work on replacing of sections, if the problem is limited to a specific area.

Tiled roofs

Tiled roofs are most suited to modern homes. Available in a range of styles and colours tiled roofs are long lasting as tile does not. It also requires very little maintenance. In recent times roof tiles have also become lighter in weight, removing the need for additional support.

Slate Roofs

Slate roofing offers a very natural look and can be laid out in a variety of patterns.

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