At Shields Installations Ltd we offer high quality guttering installations that are made to last.

Leaky and blocked gutters can not only result in expensive repairs but also internal damage to your home. To avoid this install uPVC guttering, as it is the perfect, maintenance free solution to keep your roof damage free and clean.

uPVC guttering is made to divert rainwater away from your roofline, once it is collected from the roof. To prevent leaks we also fit hard wearing seals and align the brackets so that water flows directly into the drainpipe so that there is no risk of overflowing.

We install all types of uPVC guttering, so there is no more rusty ironwork to maintain and paint. Our aim is to provide a quality installation that both improves your system, and the appearance of your property and gives you peace of mind that your gutters will never need repainting.

They also require very little maintenance.   All you need to do is give them an occasional wash down with water. Many colours and designs are available and you can rest assured that we only use the best quality materials.

uPVC guttering is a great way to protect your home and will save you money in the long run. The many benefits include:-

  • Low maintenance
  • No more painting
  • Adds value to your home
  • Full guarantee
  • Many years of protection for your home

You could also consider installing Hedgehog, which is a great new product which stops blocked gutters and down pipes. It neatly lays in your gutters and will save you time, trouble and expense.

Blocked gutters causes water to flow into places that could damage your property and cause damp. Every autumn there are thousands of leaves being blown everywhere.  Leaves, debris from trees and excessive moss growth can cause major problems to your roof causing blocked gutters and down pipes, which then stops water flowing through to the drains. Hedgehog can save you a lot of money as it stops this happening. We recommend you have your gutters cleared on an annual basis to prevent water damage to your property.

At Shields Installations Ltd we can also provide repair and replacement services as well as complete roofing,  fascias and cladding, cleaning and sealing services.

For all your guttering requirements, contact us for a free no obligation quote on 0208 001 0133.