flat roof

Flat Roof Problems?

Do have a defective flat roof?

Over the years many things can cause flat roof membranes to deteriorate with weather, incorrect installation, age, foot traffic and natural elements such as tree debris and moss.

Don’t leave it to long to get rectified if you notice a leak or the membrane looks compromised!

Whilst you may not currently have a leak, the membrane is compromised.  But the timber underneath if much thicker than the membrane itself, so the water will take longer to penetrate. This will result in an unexpected incident one day whereby a ceiling collapses or bows downward. Quiet simply, your timber is now compromised and will require higher expense and longer time to rectify.

Water penetration on a flat roof can be caused by capillary action, which is a method that water uses to pull back on itself using its molecules. Quiet simply put, the liquid moves along the surface of a solid which is caused by the greater attraction of the liquid’s molecules to the surface of the solid than to each other. The liquid’s molecules stick to the solid surface and also to each other, so that each molecule pulls the next one along.

This is a common problem when a roof membrane lifts or isn’t installed correctly, most commonly in seams or where the roof discharges water.

Hydrolysis is a common problem, when water causes the membrane to deteriorate. This is more common in a flat roof that does not have a correct fall or drainage. This is why it is essential that when renewing a flat roof that the boarding is corrected or replaced to create a correct fall for water. Hydrolysis is the chemical breakdown of a compound due to reaction with water.

Moss and tree debris can cause a flat roof to deteriorate. Especially on natural substances such as mineral felt. We offer a solution which is called Cure it fiberglass, which is unaffected by this. When trees, plants and birds compromise a roof a crack in the membrane can be a fantastic living space for plants such as weeds to root and grow causing drastic problems.

Where there are asphalt roofs, the sun can cause immense damage to the integrity and sustainability of the membrane. The asphalt more commonly bubbles and in place of a split water penetrates and freezes causing the bubble or crack to expand and thus cause a leak and weaken the membrane.

Shields Installations Ltd are flat roofing specialists working with a wide range of applications such as torch on, built up felt and fibreglass solutions, delivering high quality workmanship on all projects

We are happy to undertake all sizes of work from repairing a small leak or tear to installing a new flat roof for your home or business.

Torch On

We provide a range of cost effective systems and products for new build or refurbishment with guaranteed quality. Reinforced bitumen membrane (RBM) systems and products such as traditional felts, vapour control layers, underlays and cap sheets through to up to date energy efficient and fire retardant systems using either traditional pour and roll, torch-on, flame free or self-adhesive techniques.


There are many benefits in using fibreglass for your flat roof. It won’t rot, has non-slip properties and is guaranteed not to leak As well as this, fibreglass roofs will have a very long guarantee period and best of all are virtually maintenance free for well over 25 years.

Fibreglass can be used for flat roof repairs and new builds, balconies and box valleys

Built-Up Roofing – Hot Tar & Gravel

These types of roofs are gradually using more advanced materials such as fiberglass membranes. The advantages of built up roofing is that gravel is a great fire retardant and aesthetically pleasing A cheaper option than other roof types, one draw back is that it can be hard to find the source of subsequent leaks and gravel can obstruct gutters

Services that we offer for a flat roof

Three-layer mineral felt system

This is a system that has been used for years and when installed correctly can look very picturesque and also last the test of time.

We first apply what’s called a vented base layer, which is the first of the 3 layers and is partially heated to the timber decking. It also allows for the reduction of moisture build up.

Secondly, we apply a bitumen underlay, which the capping sheet is heated to.

Lastly we apply the capping sheet in mineral felt, which completely water seal the job and produce a fantastic finish that is slip resistant and comes in a variety of colors.

Felt roofs

Built Up Felt forms a tough, flexible, thick, waterproofing membrane that conforms to any surface, vertical or horizontal and assures water will not travel beneath the membrane.

If you need to replace your flat roof or need repairs done, contact Shields Installations Ltd the specialists in flat roof repair and replacement. We offer free advice on the best roof for your property. Our friendly staff can provide a free inspection and no obligation quote. Call today on 0208 001 0133, or pop into our showroom.

Cure It – Fiberglass Roofing

Services that we offer in flat roof fiber glass roofing

As well as torch on felt, we also offer a cheaper solution. This is called Cure It fiberglass GRP. We have had a lot of success with this product as it offers a cheaper solution that looks very picturesque once installed. It comes with not only a guarantee from us but the manufacturer themselves.

We first apply a sterling board OSB normally 18 mm. This boarding is no inclusive of swelling from water or damp and is extremely strong.

We then apply a resin, which the fiberglass matt adheres to

We then roll over this with a resin that sets the fiberglass in place and moulds it to the contour of the roof.

Once this is set we then sand down the fiberglass and brush away all debris and dust elements.