chimney and parapet

Chimney repairs

Can you see a problem with your chimney or chimney stack?

A chimney can create extensive problems if left to deteriorate, as brickwork, stonework, mortar and lead flashing will decay over time. So it is important to maintain your chimneys to ensure they are in good condition.


If mortar is damaged it will crumble away due to weathering, leaving the brick and/or stonework unsupported and this can sometimes result in the chimney collapsing. As soon as you become aware of this problem, act swiftly as a chimney stack in this state will need re-pointing as soon as possible.

Lead work and lead flashing services

Lead is extremely malleable and can easily be covered as flashings to fit the multi-curved lines of many old and modern building materials, particularly brickwork and chimneys, concrete, slate and clay tiled roofs. For this reason it has long been established as a long-life building material.

We only use quality materials and our team of professionals will work hard to provide high quality workmanship.

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A parapet is a barrier which is an extension of the wall at the edge of a roof. When it is extended above a roof, it is the part of an exterior wall that goes along the line of the roof surface or may be a continuing feature under the roof such as a fire wall. Parapets are used in most modern flat-roofed constructions, both residential and commercial to prevent accidents and stop debris from falling.

Fire regulations require that firewalls must go above a building’s roof-line and that the wall is fire resistant.

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